by Abandon City

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"Rut" is my new single, with an accompanying coda.


released July 23, 2014

Produced by Eric Leavell in Portland, OR




Abandon City Portland, Oregon

Music written, recorded, and produced by Eric Leavell in Portland, OR.

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Track Name: Rut
Try to tell me
That it's worth it
None of it is

It doesn't exist
I don't want this
We were made to
When we were brought up

Nothing matters
If everything does
Let's take a moment
And think for once

The guilt of our past
Carried through us
Crusts our insides
Drawing us to death

Why'd they force us
To adopt all of these
Gods and jobs

Buy into it
Gain none of it
Stay blind to it
We'll never see the way

I can see I don't bring you joy, anymore
And why should I, and how can I, anymore

Have we settled
In this fucking rut
Hope you're happy
At least there's one

Go on without me
I'm fine here
Hope they'll find me
Before the end

Until the end

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