by Abandon City

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These companion songs express two distinct times in my life. "Codeine" explores my anger and sadness brought on by damaging relationships. "Mirrors" sees a vague hope in shedding these relationships and trying to escape that past.


released May 24, 2017

Produced by Eric Leavell in Portland, OR at Husk Recording




Abandon City Portland, Oregon

Music written, recorded, and produced by Eric Leavell in Portland, OR.

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Track Name: Codeine
I swallow what I can,
Metallic tinge,
Shoots through,
It makes us strong,
But I think that's just you,
Watch as I fall into ruin

I spit it back at you,
I fuck myself of you,
Make sure everyone can see,
Don't try to catch me

I wallow always lost,
I can't keep up with you,
Great revisionist,
I guess I'll see this through,
Just shout at me,
Show me who's the child,
Just shout at me,
Cause I'm not shit,
Get your way

It's just a race to settle,
It's just a lot to handle,
When we can't test your mettle,
It's just a race to settle

I just give in,
I have nothing to say,
Nothing dies quite like I do
Track Name: Mirrors
Let's go for a ride,
Fuck this place all night,
They look at me like a child,
I look at them the same

There's a ghost in the window,
Don't look at it, it thinks it knows you,
That's your past and it defines you,
But that's no mirror and that's the problem

We don't need headlights,
The moon's that bright all the time

Let's follow it until we die,
The brighter the better,
Away from their eyes

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