I swallow what I can,
Metallic tinge,
Shoots through,
It makes us strong,
But I think that's just you,
Watch as I fall into ruin

I spit it back at you,
I fuck myself of you,
Make sure everyone can see,
Don't try to catch me

I wallow always lost,
I can't keep up with you,
Great revisionist,
I guess I'll see this through,
Just shout at me,
Show me who's the child,
Just shout at me,
Cause I'm not shit,
Get your way

It's just a race to settle,
It's just a lot to handle,
When we can't test your mettle,
It's just a race to settle

I just give in,
I have nothing to say,
Nothing dies quite like I do


from Codeine​/​Mirrors, released May 24, 2017




Abandon City Portland, Oregon

Music written, recorded, and produced by Eric Leavell in Portland, OR.

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